“Yon Sevis Ofrann Bet Kochon” (A Pig Sacrifice)


This painting depicts a Vodoo ceremonial sacrifice of a pig.  Vodoo or “Vodou”, as it is known in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, is the result of the pressures of many different cultures and ethnicities of people who were uprooted from Africa and imported to Haiti in the African slave trade.  Under slavery, African culture and religion was suppressed, lineages were fragmented, and people pooled their religious knowledge and from this fragmentation became culturally unified.  In addition to combining the spirits of many different African and Amerindian nations, Vodou has incorporated pieces of Roman Catholic liturgy to replace lost prayers or elements.  This syncretism allows Vodou to encompass the African, the Indian, and the European ancestors in a whole and complete way.  It is truly a Kreyòl religion.”

Artist:  unknown

Size:  30” x 24”



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